4×4 Excursion in the Pyrenees (5 Days)

Up-to-date 4x4 vehicles - Nissan Pathfinder or equivalent, 4 people per vehicle

Lodging along the way at hotels or country guest-houses, double occupancy on a half-board basis

Professional Multilingual Guide

Variuos Activities: Kayaks, Offroad Segways, Rafting, Hiking

Coffee/tea & Mineral Water on hand

Location: Rupit, La Molina, Andorra, Pallaresa valley, The Pyrenees, The National Park of Aiguas Tortes

An Unforgettable 5 day Experience

The Pyrenees range sprawls over 450 square kilometers, from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Mediterranean in the east. It acts as a natural border between France and Spain. An excursion through these mountains leads us to encounters with alpine views, lakes, streams, rushing waterfalls and cliffs. All these make a splendid background to the unique cultures which were developed under the auspices of the isolation in the heart of the range. The peoples living in this area were cut off from the world due to the difficulty of crossing the mountains, and developed languages and customs of their own- all this adds an extra touch to the impressive landscape.

This one-of-a-kind excursion will take you on a journey through time, to a period several centuries ago, right into the heart of Catalan culture and history, to places reached by very few of the visitors to Barcelona. We will include in this trip exciting activities which will turn the experience into a Garden of Eden for lovers of Nature and adrenaline.

Day 1 – Barcelona – Rupit

On reaching Barcelona we will have a short briefing and will sign up for the vehicles.

We will start out northwards to the Collsecabra area which is in the heart of Catalunya and is characterized by steep cliffs, forests, isolated farms, ancient villages and more.

We will visit the ancient village of Rupit, going back in time several centuries. We will wander along the twisting picturesque alleys, among beauty spots and houses over 500 years old. This magical village is still inhabited, but hordes of tourists will not be found here as in Barcelona and therefore the human contact you will experience will be more personal.

We will continue, off-road driving in the forest in the Collsecabra area, going towards Panta de Sau , where taking part in two exciting activities will be offered:

1. Off-road Segway – An off-road ride along paths in forest, mud and even snow. This vehicle is light and easy and blends perfectly with nature and the landscape.

2. Kayaking – What could be more soothing and pleasant than rowing on an enchanted lake surrounded by nature at its most beautiful, breathtaking views and…such silence? The dammed lake of the Ter river supplies all this.

We will end the day with dinner in the village. Lodging will be in the area.

Day 2 – Rupit - La Molina - Andorra

After breakfast we will continue northwards and westwards to the El Cadi Moixero range. The Cerdanya and High Pyrenees region lie beyond this range. We will carry on towards the ranges bordering Andorra, and will reach high observation points from which we will gaze on the valleys spread out far away beneath us while being surrounded by mountains. Weather permitting we will take a short trek to one of the lakes “imprisoned” in the region.

We will drive over the La Rabbassa pass (the smugglers route) which will take us into the Principality of Andorra – through the back door.

Dinner and lodging will be enjoyed in a mountain hotel in Andorra.

Day 3 – Andorra - Pallaresa valley

The morning will begin with an adrenaline-filled activity – “canyoning “. The Pyrenees region is among the best places for this popular sport of gliding down canyons. This gliding is safe and is carried out with close instruction and special equipment and requires no previous experience or expertise. The verdant gorges in the canyon have a mystic halo of beauty that makes this adventure unforgettable to both nature lovers and to those who love the feel of adrenaline coursing through their blood.

For those who prefer adrenaline of a different type –  free time in the center of Andorra with duty-free shopping and good coffee is also a possibility.

Later in the day we will leave Andorra and drive off-road to the Pallaresa valley, also known as the Valley of the Horses, dotted with waterfalls, lakes and mountain ranges. We will drive up along the ranges enjoying the spectacular views with the odd farm here and there, verdant forests and enormous green pastures with bell-carrying cows.

Our dinner and lodging will be in the town of Sort.

Day 4 – Noguera Pallaresa Rafting

We will begin our day with rough and exciting Rafting… Rushing waters, fantastic scenery and great fun – could you ask for more? This exciting, challenging and highly enjoyable activity takes place on the breathtakingly beautiful Noguera Pallaresa river. Here we take into account more than just the rafting itself, one cannot forget the surroundings in the process – the wild scenery, the varied flora, the cliffs and all the excitement of nature.

Wet-suits and safety equipment will keep you safe and warm, and the professional team of guides will ensure your safe arrival at the finishing point. No previous experience is necessary, nor is taking part compulsory (though it is highly recommended!).

After the rafting and after some light refreshment we will continue our route along the glorious panorama of the valley and go up (off-road) to a observation point high in the Pyrenees

Dinner and lodging in the town of Sort.

Day 5 – The Aiguas Tortes Nationa Park

We will make our way along ranges and picturesque villages towards the Aiguas Tortes National Park – one of the most famous and beautiful parks in Spain. We will be taken, in park vehicles, up to the Pic Amitges at 2400 meters high. Depending on the season (about till the middle of June) there is a good chance of seeing snow and glaciers floating on the high mountain lakes.

We will set out on a trek to the Maurici lake,(Anyone who prefers to can return with the park vehicles).

After a lunch break we will return to our own vehicles and climb the amazing route surrounding the Aiguas Tortes reserve. We will drive along the watershed line with more breathtaking scenery which allows us long-range observation in every direction.

We will return to the road and make our way to Barcelona where we will arrive in the late evening.

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