Barcelona – Urban Photography

A photographer needs time to pause at a specific point and find that “critical moment”… That is the purpose of these tours.

It does not really matter whether you are faithful to your analogical cameras with your film, or are the proud owner of a state-of-the-art digital camera – all photographers have this in common: the desire to see things from a different angle and to capture that moment which will never come again.

There is no city better suited to photography than Barcelona, with those ancient buildings, the play of light and shadow in the narrow streets, the colorful Modernist Architecture by Gaudi and his generation, and maybe more than anything else that special human tapestry of the city.

Barcelona is a city of contradictions and opposites, a city that is constantly changing, that looks completely different at the various hours of the day. It is a dynamic city, and so is this tour. Here we do not set a route – the events, the figures and the colors will dictate how matters progress.

We will start the day at a local café, and discuss what is peculiar to urban photography, we will share outlooks and look at the available equipment, then we will set out. We will obviously take pictures of famous sites, but we will also reach places where the regular tourist rarely sets foot at – we will witness a different Barcelona.

The tour will be accompanied by a photographer who is also a qualified guide. Taking part in this trip will give you the chance to get to know the city with a guide and at the same time to see it through the eyes of a photographer who lives there.

It is also possible to go on photography trips to hidden spots along the Costa Brava, one of the sources of inspiration for such artists as Dali and Picasso (Additional price)

Duration: 5 hours

What´s included:

  • Transport
  • Professional Guide – Photographer
  • City tour
  • Refreshments


1 guest

€ 185

2 – 8 guests

€ 95 / person

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