Hiking & Trekking The Pyrenees

Hiking at the heart of Pyrenees Mountains

An ancient village at the end of nowhere in a verdant valley surrounded by wild mountains with snowy caps,inhabitants who speak Catalan or Aranese , great wine with food of a similar standard – it seems we are in the Pyrenees!

Kokopeli Adventure offers you the chance to see the Pyrenees range as few tourists ever get to.

Hiking in the Pyrenees – our tours last from three to ten days and include visits to the most beautiful spots in the area. Accommodation is in country guesthouses or hotels, the excursions are well suited to people on their own or groups, and can include activities such as horse riding, Pyrenees trekking, visits to wineries and wine tasting, bicycle riding Kayaking etc.

An example of “hiking in the Pyrenees” tour:

Day 1

We will proceed directly from the airport to the ancient village of Rupit, wander around there and in the La Garrotxa (A volcanic area with immense cliffs and enchanting villages).

From there we could go on to the town of Cardona to spend the night in a Parador situated in an old castle.

Day 2

From Cardona we will go to a village which is the gateway to the Aiguastortes national park. In the park we will take 4×4 off road vehicles which will take us up a steep road from the height of 1300 meters to the height of 2400 meters, in the midst of the breathtaking Pyrenees scenery.

We will continue on foot to Lake Sant Maurici where the 4×4 vehicles will await us for the return journey to Espot.

A short rest, and towards evening we will wander around isolated villages, have dinner at a mountain inn off the beaten track and far from the regular tourist haunts. We will return to the village of Espot to spend the night.

Day 3

We will leave Espot driving through the Arran And Boi valleys to the ancient village of Ainsa – a medieval walled-in village.

From there we will go on to the Ordesa Park and the Monte Perdido.

Day 4

We will start the morning on foot in the Ordesa natural park and the Monte Perdido range.

After walking in the valley, cliffs hanging on either side, we will continue with a drive towards the high mountain passes which separate the Spanish from the French Pyrenees. We will drive along amazing roads with breathtaking scenery arriving at Pau where there will be some free time to wander around the old town.

In the evening we will enjoy dinner with a taste of good French cuisine.

Day 5

From Pau we will carry on to the Gavarnie , a horse-shoe shaped valley created by the movements of the glacier.

Next we will proceed on foot to the large waterfall at the heart of the valley. A short rest and we will continue to the park of Pont de Espangn to see the series of immense waterfalls. We will take a cable car up to the Lac du Gaube which is in the heart of the French Pyrenees, and from there descend either on foot or by cable car.

We will go back to the Spanish side, and make our way to the Basque country, to the town of San Sebastian in the famous Oyster Bay. Some sightseeing in San Sebastian, and then some free time to wander around.

In the evening we will go out to some of the bars in the old town, to taste their famous San Sebastian tappas and to drink some genuine Basque natural cider.

Day 6

There are two options for this morning.

We can either take some more time to wander around San Sebastian or else go on to see the town of Gernika.

Around noon we will go on to the well known Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. We will visit the museum and then drive to the picturesque village of Santillana del Mar where we will spend the night.

Day 7-8

These days will be spent along the Atlantic coast and the fishing villages there, and of course in the mountains of the Picos de Europa.

We will be introduced to the Asturian culture, which is Celtic, and unlike everything we are familiar with in Spain

Day 9

We will end the trip at the Picos de Europa and from there we will head back either to Barcelona or the airport.