Motorbike Tours

Motorbike tours in Spain are our special expertise!

At Kokopeli we design trips of three to ten days along special routes well suited to motorbike riding: winding toads in the mountains and challenging paths. Our motorbike tours in Spain go through Catalonia, the Pyrenees –  both the Spanish and the French sides – as well as the Basque country, and to one of the best kept secrets – the Picos de Europa in Asturias. The tours include staying at country hotels, meals of the best local delicacies, visits to interesting sites, and above all breathtaking views from challenging mountain roads.

Our aim is to bring our riders to places well off the beaten track, which are impossible to find without a guide and to ensure that the whole becomes an unforgettable personal experience.

We hire the motorbikes for you and provide all the necessary equipment needed on the way. All personal equipment and baggage are in the support vehicle which follows behind the bikes.
It is of course possible to combine other activities along the route, such as horseback riding, canyoning, kayak or trekking as well as 4×4 tours etc.

We give you an example of a week-long motorbike tour (See expandable sections)

  • Equipment for motorbike tours in Spain:
    It is most important to bring along good walking shoes and suitable clothing. The weather in the Pyrenees can change from moment to moment and we can encounter both hot sunshine and rain, so that it is advisable to be prepared for both. Personal belongings can be kept in the accompanying vehicle.
  • It is highly recommended to hold suitable insurance.
  • Kokopeli Experience is not responsible for the condition of the motorbikes or for any problems that might arise; those are the sole responsibility of the rental company.
  • Neither Kokopeli Experience nor the guide can be held responsible for the condition of the roads, or for accidents and falls which might occur while riding.
  • The route may be altered at any time due to problems on the roads, weather conditions or the decision of the guide on the spot.
  • The price of the excursion will depend on the final composition decided upon for the trip, the duration, the route and the activities included.


You leave Barcelona on bikes, with a support vehicle and ride to the Costa Brava on winding roads along the cliffs above the coast and then further inland towards Besalú – a medieval village in the Pre-Pyrenees, famous for its silhouette with an impressive stone bridge.  Next you ride along mountain roads which don’t appear on any map, to the small town of Camprodon. We wander around the historic center and proceed to a lovely renovated ancient farm house where we will dine and spend the night. This place is in a remote mountainous area at the foot of the Pyrenees.


You will start out towards the town of La Seu d’Urgell and from there on to Andorra for a few hours. For those who like – Andorra is a shopping paradise for electronic goods, perfumes, liquors and tobacco. From this tiny principality you will move on to the village of Espot . This is a day with a lot of riding on winding mountain roads. Time permitting, you can ride along a challenging narrow way overhanging an abyss to the isolated hamlets in the area. We will spend the night at a hotel close to the Aiguestortes national park.


We will start the day with a visit to the Aiguestortes national park, This is one of the most beautiful parks in the Pyrenees. We will hike there a bit and drive up to the height of about 2000 meters to see lagoons and glaciers. From this point on there will be a difficult ride along twisting mountains roads, passes and many twists and turns! You will ride through the gorgeous scenery of the Vall d’Aran and from there via the mountain pass yo reach France at the other side of the Pyrenees, following parts of the “Tour de France” stage. We will spend the night in one of the notably French villages in the area.


We will set out to see one of the highlights of the Pyrenees – The Gavarnie waterfall and glacier. The place itself is of breathtaking beauty, but the route is no less so. From there we visit the Bigor summit.  A cable car will take us to the station at the summit at a height of over 2800 meters to see the whole range of the high Pyrenees spread out before us. At the site itself we can either walk to the waterfall and glacier or ride on horseback but come what may, the monumental amphiteatre of mountain-walls and waterfalls Cirque de Gavarnie must be seen! The evening is spent at the wild waterfalls of the Pont de Espangne. From there down it is a short drive down to the plains north of the Pyrenees. Our stop for today is Pau. We spend the night here and see the old town, might visit a bar and one of the many good restaurants.


At this point there are two options. We might take an easy morning to relax and visit the town – not a bad choice, as Pau is splendid and has a great deal to offer and you may be tired after all the days of riding.
The other option is to make the tour of one of the most amazing mountain roads – a route which takes you over several mountain passes, impressive landscapes and challenging riding ( I have a feeling what the choice will be…) No matter what is your decision – around noon we will proceed back to the Spanish border to a small ancient Aragonese village where we will spend the night after having enjoyed a hearty meal at a great restaurant.


We will set out in the morning to visit the Monte Perdido National Park. The park surrouding of the legendary “Lost Mountain” is famous for being probably the most impressive of the whole Pyrenees. After the visit in the park, you will proceed along some winding roads and some less winding road. Those are not highways, but you will be able to put on a bit of speed. If you wish, we will visit the monastery of Sant Joan De La Pena (actually the monastery is only an excuse for driving around some more…) Stage finish for today is the region of Alt Urgell. We will spend the night around here. But where exactly is a surprise!


From the Alt Urgell you will start out to reach the tradition-conscious town of Vic. From there its a short jorney to the volcanic region of La Garrotxa taking secret short cuts on winding roads – some of them do not appear on any map and lead to ancient villages. It is definitely worth to take a walk to see the cliffs and the abyss of a typical volcano-crater and to visit waterfall Salt de Sallent. Towards the evening we ride on highways where the traffic gets denser on every kilometer until we get back to bustling Barcelona. What a ride!

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