Jeep Tours in the Pyrenees

Kokopeli Experience creates off road jeep tours in Spain along special routes suited to 4×4 vehicles, combining the adventure of self-driving the 4×4 vehicles with nature and the majestic views of the high Pyrenees.

These trips last from 3 to 10 days and usually combine, apart from the 4×4 experience, activities such as short hikes, white river rafting, canyoning, tree top adventure parks, kayaks, cultural and wildlife familiarization.

We specialize in tours for groups in Catalunya, the Pyrenees (both the Spanish and the French sides) the Basque country, Asturias, the Picos de Europa and Portugal.

While on tour we stay at special places and country hotels and enjoy meals of the local delicacies, visit places of interest and magnificent Nature Reserves.

We will travel through valleys, see waterfalls and snowy mountain peaks.

The tours are geared to suit the personal level of competence of the participants and their wishes.

During jeep tours in Spain we take care of hiring the vehicles and necessary equipment for the route.

Who and why goes on a safari tour in the Pyrenees?

  • Lovers of the unique and extreme experience who seek action in spectacular places.
  • Private customers touring Barcelona while on holiday or on honeymoon.
  • Whole families who come to the region for several days
  • Companies and organizations from the institutional and business sectors.
  • Travel agencies specializing in geographical and special niche excursions.

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