Jewish Heritage Tours

Our tailor-made Jewish private tours in Barcelona will share the extraordinary history of the Jews in Barcelona who disappeared following the Pogrom of 1391. In the middle ages the Jewish life in Spain had its Golden Age,  in which they worked and lived harmoniously with Muslims and Christians.

Jewish tours will take you back to those old days  by having a guided walk through the Old Jewish quarter in Barcelona known as Call, where you will be able to see how Jewish heritage became a fundamental and inseparable part of the story of the city.

Jewish tours of Spain with Kokopeli Experience can be organized with day trips to Girona and Besalú – we’ll take you to two very important destinations of Jewish history in Spain. Girona has one of the biggest Jewish quarters in the old town, and even the small and cozy Besalú was bustling with Jewish life. A Jewish bath and synagogue is the remaining heritage of those golden times.

We have Israeli and Jewish guides who speak fluently English and who know a lot of historical backgrounds. That’s why we can share this amazing knowledge – with a special touch.

The following tours can also be designed as a specific tour with a focus on Jewish heritage:

Tour prices depend of the length of the journey and whether the include Girona, Besalú or both.

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