Our Tours

We believe that people today don’t want to be “tourists” in the conventional sense of the word. They want to experience, learn, feel the place and the people they are visiting and enrich their personal life. They want to be in touch with nature and the past and feel that they have replenished both their body and their soul.

We are not “tour leaders” we are people who love the country and know its history and nature. We don’t want to lead you – we want to accompany you while you visit this amazing country and help you get to know it better.

Kokopeli Tours offers a wide variety of tours, starting from one day up to ten days.

If you want to explore the area thoroughly, we recommend at least a month – we can arrange that too (!!).

With us you can find a wide variety of tours, tours for art and culture lovers, tours for adrenalin and adventures seekers, Wine and Gastronomy tours, photography tours, nature, landscapes and more.

There is a wide variety of one day tours which starts in Barcelona and long escape tours which last a few days.

Regardless of whether you are a family, a group of friends, a company or an agency – we have the solution for you!