Self Guided Tours in Spain

A Self Guided Adventure On Your Terms

The service of planning and designing routes enables people who prefer not to have a guide with them to make the trip on their own while taking advantage of our knowledge, acquired over years of ever increasing expertise and knowledge of the region.

A Trip that Fits for You

In complete coordination with you, we will plan a route in accordance with your tastes and personal preferences – amazing self guided tours in Spain; we will point you to places not even mentioned in the guide books, and introduce you to magical places in rural areas for your lodging.

24/7 Support

We will also supply support on your journey if and when necessary.

We Handle All the Details

The service of Self guided tours in Spain includes booking hotels, booking entries to the various sites and booking the services of local suppliers. In the planning stage we will consult with you in order for the end product to be exactly tailored for you, according to your personal preferences.

Included in the Price:

Included in the price are phone consultations with the Kokopeli team during the planning stages, and if the trip begins in Barcelona, there will also be a meeting at our office at the heart of the old city, for briefing. During this meeting we will answer any questions you might have, and we will offer you a good coffee… If the trip begins outside Barcelona the briefing will be done by telephone, and the coffee will wait for you when you reach Barcelona.

Please Prepare Answers for the Questions Below and CONTACT US

In order to meet your needs quickly and efficiently, we would appreciate your answering a few questions (according to the information you have at this point)

-Are you arriving to Barcelona airport?

-Are there any sites and places you know you would like to visit?

-What types of activities would you choose? Some possibilities might include:

Winery visits, white-river rafting, outdoor hiking, natural beauty and scenery, kayaking, canyoning

-Any further information you think might be relevant.