About Us

The Company

Kokopeli Experience is a well-established company based in Barcelona, with many years of experience in creating and carrying out special events. The successful organization and implementation of an excursion or a tour calls for cooperation with local service providers along the way. This is where our experience and understanding of “how things are done here” comes into play.

Kokopeli Adventure is an official member of the Catalan Tourist Board. 

Kokopeli is the only agency in Barcelona that is formally authorized by the Catalan Sports Council as open-air adventure tours operator.

Hand Picked Special Places

A tiny hamlet with ancient stone buildings, a restaurant without even a notice board to show it is there, where the lady of the house serves local delicacies she cooked that day on the chance that someone might just show up. The menu is in a strange language spoken only by the inhabitants of the region. All this – in a beautifully green area, with waterfalls and wild mountains, far away from the busy road. Most people would call this an exotic place and would guess they needed to travel to the end of the world to reach it.

Tailor Made

Our specialty is creating unique trips for small groups in the area of Barcelona, Catalonia, the Pyrenees (both the Spanish and the French sides) as well as the Basque Country, Asturias and the Picos de Europa. Our aim is to give our clients the most direct and personal experience of the sites, bringing them to places the average tourist will probably never reach so that at the end of the visit they feel they really got to know the local culture and people.

Kokopeli Experience offers you all the possibilities. It is important to us to be flexible and open to your ideas and desires. We don’t have stop-watches. This is your trip, and it will be at your pace and in your good time. With English speaking guides who live and work in Barcelona, we offer you the chance to travel this magnificent area with us, and really get to know it.

Our Experienced Guides

Our guides are photographers and experts on Spanish culture, who prefer the personal experience of working with small intimate groups and fluently speak the local language. Whether you choose a day-trip in Barcelona or a two-week excursion among the peaks of the Pyrenees, we promise you an experience which will be different, unusual and unique!

Self-Guided Tours

A qualified guide and photographer who loves adventures in the great outdoors as well as good food. He is a graduate of the Geographic Photography College and has a BA degree in Government Diplomacy and Strategy. He has a deep, long standing and thorough acquaintance with the North of Spain and the Pyrenees. He has wandered around the world – for instance he spent a year traveling through central and South America with a 4×4 vehicle and four months on a motor-bike in Europe. He taught at a school for barmen as an expert on whisky, beer and wine and has written several articles on alcohol and motor-bike traveling. Guy is also a horseback riding instructor. Guy decided to make his home in Barcelona and to combine all his interests in Kokopeli.

Guy Reifenberg

Founder, Guide, Travel Consultant, Photographer

Travelled for over 4 years in India, Japan, Laos, China, Mongolia and many other countries… on the way he fell in love with a girl from Catalunya and since then and for the last 10 years he lives in Spain. He loves hiking and cycling in the mountains. Shilo is a graduate of a guiding course of the Spanish ministry of tourism and specializes in tours in Catalunya, Pyrenees and Portugal. The only Yemenite that waves the Catalan flag!

Shilo Mazri


Marco graduated with great academic distinction in Psychology and Political Science at Bar Ilan University and holds a Master's degree in Business Administration with specialization in Business Psychology. Marco spent most of his life as a guide and educator in the Youth Movement, lately being there a Central-Board member and specializing in the organization and project management of excursions, trips and camps. Marco finally reconnected with his youth love in Barcelona and decided to settle here, charmed by the beautiful landscapes and the colorful people of Catalonia.

Marco Kukuieff


a passionate traveler and a professional photographer Tai studied arts & industrial design in Italy. He moved to Barcelona to work as a photographer and a travel guide. Tai´s desire to discover this region allowed him to develop a good knowledge of Catalonia and use his passion in the work he is doing with our team. Tai´s specialization in photography is portrait and landscape (nature and urban). His passion for off-road vehicles and motocross is evident.

Tai Lomas


Growing up in Israel to a Latin American family, Alon was always immersed in multilingual environments, and developed a deep passion for languages and culture. After having served for 3 years in the Israeli army as a driving specialist instructor, he went on to see the world, spending over 18 months travelling Nepal, India, Japan and Brazil, before moving to Europe, where he spent 3 years in London. More recently, Alon fell in love with Catalan culture after moving to Barcelona to pursue a Master's degree in Linguistics, where he keeps on with his language studies and is currently living.



What is Kokopeli?

Kokopeli is a mythological wandering figure which appears in the tradition of many Indian tribes
such as the Hopi the Waihukam and the Zoni in the south and western parts of north America.
According to myth, Kokopeli influenced fertility, fertility of the earth and the transition from
winter to spring. By tradition, Kokopeli used to go from village to village playing his flute and
bringing happiness and making everything flourish wherever he went. His appearance always
enriched the lives of those who came in contact with him.

Kokopeli, as he appears in our logo is a combination of the traditional Kokopeli together with
another wanderer, Snufkin, the lovable figure from T. Jensen’s books. This combination of the two
figures represents for us the enriching element of the travel experience. The spiral of
smoke which comes out of our Kokopeli’s pipe in the logo evolves into the route he walks.
The spiral, like life itself, is dynamic.

Our progress in life is not a straight line that leaves the past behind, neither is it a circle which returns to the starting point, but rather a spiral movement. Each experience or event in our life creates the movement, and like in a spiral, we distance ourselves from what was in order to return to it from a different view point, a new outlook, so that the spiral becomes our route through life.