Private Tours in Spain

Private Tours in Barcelona and Northern Spain

We, at Kokopeli, are particularly proud of our private tours which are becoming ever more famous. We are proud on being extremely painstaking in the organization and execution of these special tours, be they private tours in Barcelona itself or anywhere in the whole of Catalonia and the Pyrenees.

Private Tours in Barcelona (the city)

When touring Barcelona privately we will obviously take you to all the well-known spots, so that you can see and experience everything you have read about in your guide book, but during the private tour in Barcelona we will also show you Barcelona as it appears to the residents – little alleys that are often missed on regular tours, tapas-bars and little restaurants that do not show pictures of their wares for tourists but are known to the connoisseur. During private tours in Barcelona we have other little surprises that make this tour different.

Private Tours Outside Barcelona

When touring outside Barcelona, whether a private day tour or a longer excursion, Kokopeli private tours are unlike any other tour. We organize these private tours even for two people who want to experience a once in a lifetime trip alone, but our service is no less personal when dealing with larger groups, regardless of the size.

Our Guides

At Kokopeli we consider our guides to be one of our main assets.  These guides are of the highest standard, passionate in what they do and extremely knowledgeable, they are fluent in various languages and know the area intimately, but over and above that, they like to make a point of ensuring the enjoyment of each participant.

The Next Step

How do these private tours in Barcelona and Northern Spain happen? Easy! You contact Kokopeli, tell us your likes and dislikes, your ages and how many you are. We take a little time to prepare some suggestions for this special private tour and then we contact you. There will most likely be several such communications, until we have worked out exactly what your desires and wishes are. After that, all that is left is for you to reach Barcelona where we will come to meet you and – off we will go!