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We invite you on an exciting tour around Barcelona: parks, ancient alleyways, street food, exhibitions, festivals, fairs, cathedrals, beaches, museums, and lively markets! A wide variety of enjoyable tours, well suited to your needs.

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A tour through Barcelona is exciting, surprising, and very colorful. The tour can be combined with various activities that would leave you feeling as if you have visited 10 different cities (even though we´ve stayed in the same magicl city). The city combines ancient history, impressive architecture, lively markets, works of art, packed boulevards. beaches, museums, tapas, and much good wine! Ready? Let´s go! These are the tour´s most popular attractions:

Park Güell and Gaudí´s works

Wonderful park located at the north of the city, designed by the artist Antonio Gaudí. This unique place allows the visitor to experience a wonderful view of the city. Gaudí´s works are scattered all over the city. During tours of Barcelona one cannot miss the famous “Sagrada Familia” church, and many of his other works, which include many houses and buildings that are now considered to be works of art.

The Ancient Gothic Quarter

Any Barcelona walking tour will include a stroll through the narrow ancient alleyways of the Gothic Quarter. In this lively area one may find culture, art, and local cuisine. This is in fact the historical heart of the city, through which one can learn a great deal about the city´s fascinating past.

The Famous Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is maybe the most famous spot of Barcelona, and also the most visited. Walking down this boulevard allows the visitor to absorb the special vibe of the city. At its heart is the famous La Boqueria Market, renowned for its wonderful colors and smells.

Tapas and Wine Tours

Our tours around the city usually include enjoyable lunch breaks, at some of the best local restaurants! These are not some fancy French gourmet restaurants with drapes and padded chairs, but rather Catalan street food, with live music and amazing tastes! Cheeses, sausages, and fresh bread – all mix together with unique sauces along a quality cup of Cava. Private winery tours are also available.

Jewish Heritage in Barcelona

During the walking tour it is highly recommended to visit the ancient Jewish quarter of Barcelona, called “El Call”. Barcelona’s Jews escaped the city after the pogrom of 1391, and during this tour we would try to follow their history and escape routes, along with their contribution to the city and country, For those interested, a full day tour can be held which would include a visit to the touwns of Girona and Besalú, where important Jewish communities thrived in the middle ages.

Private Tour of Barcelona

It is possible to order in advance a private tour for couples/small groups/individuals, or otherwise join an existing group. In any case, our groups are never too large, and allow for comfortable movement around the city. Out goal is to give each participant a personal experience and accomodate personal prefrences. A private tour of Barcelona can take you to special and unique locations around the city, while every tour is a bit different than the last. There´s plenty to see.

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