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Breathtaking views

Statue of the Black Madonna

Unique rock formations

A ride on the funicular up the mountain!

We will go up onto the serrated, tooth-like, holy mountain in the Montserrat range to breathtaking views and see the statue of the Black Madonna. We will then take the funicular up to the higher regions of the mountain to walk and observe the unique rock formations.

A famous Catalan saying: “If you see the Monserrat and don’t feel a quiver in your body, it is just possible that you aren’t really alive…”

The Montserrat mountain, with its tooth-like peaks is a spectacular site which attracts pilgrims, tourists, photographers and mountain climbers.

Just a short drive from Barcelona you will be able to feast your eyes on the glorious sight of the Montserrat, but not before we invite you for coffee and local pastry – a fitting and pleasant way to start out.

The site boasts a Benedictine monastery with a very impressive church beside it. We will enter the church, and see the famous statue of the Black Madonna, Patron Saint of Catalonia. We will follow this with a ride on the funicular to the higher parts of the mountain where we will walk among the uniquely shaped rocks and stop to admire the magnificent panoramic views.

This tour can be also combined with a wine tasting tour in the nearby Penedès region.

Duration5 hours


Suitable for: families, couples, solo travellers, groups of friends

What´s included:

  • Hotel pick up and return
  • Guide
  • Train tickets in Montserrat
  • Drinking Water


2 – 8 guests

€ 112 / person

Private Tour

2 guests
3 – 4 guests
5 – 6 guests


€ 175 / person
€ 150 / person
€ 135 / person

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