Motorbike Tours

Motorbike tours in Spain is our specialty!

Here at Kokopeli we build and design trips of three to ten days along special routes well suited for motorbike riding: winding mountainside roads and challenging paths. Our motorbike tours in Spain go through Catalonia, the Pyrenees –  both the Spanish and the French sides – as well as the Basque country, and to one of the region´s best kept secrets – the Picos de Europa in Asturias. The tours include accommodations at country hotels, meals from the best local cuisines, visits to interesting sites, and above all – breathtaking views from challenging mountain roads.

Our aim is to bring our riders to places well off the beaten track, which are impossible to find without a guide and to ensure the entire trip becomes an unforgettable personal experience.

We take care of motorbike rentals and provide all the necessary equipment needed along the way. All personal equipment and baggage can remain in the support vehicle which follows behind the bikes.
It is of course possible to combine other activities along the route, such as horseback riding, canyoning, kayaking or trekking as well as 4×4 tours etc.

Important notes:

  • Equipment for motorbike tours in Spain:
    It is extremely important to bring along good walking shoes and suitable clothing. The weather in the Pyrenees can change from one moment to the next and we can encounter both warm sunshine and cool rain, so that it is advisable to be prepared for both. Personal belongings can be kept in the accompanying vehicle.
  • It is highly recommended to hold suitable insurance.
  • Kokopeli Experience is not responsible for the condition of the motorbikes or for any problems that might arise; those are the sole responsibility of the rental company.
  • Neither Kokopeli Experience nor the guide can be held responsible for the condition of the roads, or for accidents and falls which might occur while riding.
  • The route may be altered at any time due to problems on the roads, weather conditions or the decision of the guide on the spot.
  • The price of the excursion will depend on the final composition decided upon for the trip, the duration, the route and the activities included.

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