Family Holidays in Spain

Family Tours with Kokopeli

Kokopeli organizes well planned and enjoyable trips all over Spain. Among other things, the Company offers family activity holidays in Spain, putting special emphasis on attractions and activities for children.

We, at Kokopeli, take great care to create each family trip to suit the families taking part, taking into consideration the ages of the children and their particular hobbies and preferences. We make sure that there is an even balance between the various activities and the time spent driving. Long drives, however beautiful the scenery, can be tedious for adults; all the more so for children. We make sure that there are enough activities (decided upon ahead of time) during family holidays in Spain so that the drives are spent in either anticipation or recollection!

Among the various activities Kokopeli can offer are water-parks, horse riding, off-road Segway, kayaks, rafting and more. Most of the activities are suitable for any age and require no previous experience, but each case will obviously be considered individually to suit particular participants.

There is nothing like a well-planned family holiday to bridge generation gaps and create real closeness.

Travelling with Kids

A trip with the kids can be an absolute joy, an experience that can become one of the family’s most treasured recollections, but in order for all of the elements to combine in order to create this experience every detail must be painstakingly planned. We, at Kokopeli, are considered experts in the field.

Great attention must be paid to planning the route, since kids can become very impatient on long drives. (Every parent is all too familiar with the often repeated “Are we there yet?”). We do our best to shorten the drives as much as possible so that the emphasis is always on the activities – reminiscing on what has been and looking forward to the next. We also take care to create an even balance between highly energetic activities and calmer ones so that the kids do not become too tired. Our aim is for the kids to be happily tired and content at the end of each day.

When traveling with family it is also important that the lodging places are suitable. We choose the hotels and country guest houses very carefully, making sure that children are welcome and catered for.