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The entire Iberian Peninsula is full of unique and colourful culinary regions, but few are the dishes and flavours in Spain that could compete with the Catalan cuisine.

Catalonia’s unique location, between the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees, contributes to the magical blending of foods from the sea, with those from the mountain. The Butifarra sausages, the Escudella soups, the various local fish, or just a simple toast spread with tomatos – all gems from the local kitchen, which promise a flavourful experience which combines the Mediterranean tastes with the quality products of the Pyrenees Mountains. Even the Basque, which also compete over “Spain’s greatest cuisine”, tend to admit the Catalan superiority when in comes to culinary and wine.

Of course, beyond its famous dishes and beautiful scenery, Catalonia is also world renowned for its quality wineries, producing incredible wines and cavas (the Catalan champagne). Many vineyards and wineries can be found in Catalonia, some of which boasting a history of hundreds of years! During a wine tour in Catalonia you could accompany a professional winemaker to the vineyards, facilities, and cellars, all while listening to his knowledgable explenations, and receiving a generous variety of local quality wines to taste.

Kokopeli invites you to taste Catalonia’s finest flavours!

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