The Aiguestortes National park is one of the most famous parks in the Pyrenees. Aiguestortes, or winding waters, abounds in water as its name suggests: twisting, winding streams, rushing waterfalls and crystal-clear rivers that run through lakes are the stars of the park. But, Aiguestortes is not only water – It lies high in The Pyrenees and is extraordinarily beautiful, with green forests and majestic cliffs, rocks and peat bogs as well as a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is a Pyrenean high mountain ecosystem with more than 200 lakes and crags.  The National Park of Aiguestortes is a paradise for hikers, nature lovers, bird watchers and people who love beauty in the open air.

Access to the Aiguestortes Park is usually from two places – either starting from Espot or from Boi. The park has a large number of marked trails going through the most magnificent scenery. It is also possible to reach the higher points of the Aiguestortes using 4×4 vehicles driven by drivers employed on the site.

Kokopeli Experience has been taking visitors to the Aiguestortes Park for many years. Depending on the season, each visit is planned either for trekking or simply to see the view – in winter, when the forest is snow-covered, the sight is stunning! In the summer the trails are open and a wide variety is open to choose from. Any visitor to Catalunya should make a point of visiting the Aiguestortes National Park, and we, at Kokopeli will be only too happy to introduce you to its treasures!