The Pyrenees

Pyrenees – Explore the Spanish Pyrenees

The Pyrenees are an amazingly beautiful mountain range’ a perfect destination for trips, be it on foot, in 4X4 vehicles or even snow-shoes! Kokopeli are expert organizers of quality tours for small and large groups in the north of Spain. We have collected some relevant information for you on this page.

The Pyrenees – an enchanted atmosphere

Have you found yourself in a secluded ancient village in a green valley, surrounded by the wild scenery of snow-capped mountains? Rushing waterfalls? Remnants of snow on the mountaintops? Are the people around you speaking Catalan or Aranese? Is the local food and the wine exceptionally tasty? Then you are probably in another enchanting village in the Pyrenees range.

Traveling with Kokopeli you will be able to visit places not reached by most tourists. This is due to our years-long acquaintance with the people and culture as well as the area as a whole. A tour in the Pyrenees should ideally last at least 3-10 days, depending on your plans and preferences. It should include some of the “must see” spots, lodging in lovely rural guest houses (or hotels if preferred). We organize small groups with optional activities such as wine tasting in local wineries, horseback excursions, kayaking, off-road driving in 4X4 vehicles and more.

The Pyrenees – places to visit

La Garrotxa – A breathtaking volcanic area with mighty cliffs and ancient villages – the best photos of your trip will probably be taken here.

The Aiguas Tortes National Park – One of the most famous parks in the Pyrenees. Aiguestortes, or winding waters, abounds in water as its name suggests: twisting, winding streams, rushing waterfalls and crystal-clear rivers that run through lakes are the stars of the park. But, Aiguestortes is not only water – It lies high in The Pyrenees and is extraordinarily beautiful, with green forests and majestic cliffs, rocks and peat bogs as well as a wide variety of flora and fauna. It is a Pyrenean high mountain ecosystem with more than 200 lakes and crags.  The National Park of Aiguestortes is a paradise for hikers, nature lovers, bird watchers and people who love beauty in the open air.

The village of Espot is the gateway to this famous national park. The excursion begins with an unusual climb in vehicles belonging to the park, from the height of 1300 meters to the height of 2400 meters (with spectacular scenery on the way). Later the descent is on foot to Lake Maurici, and from there in the 4X4 vehicles to Espot. There are quite a few isolated villages in the area that are well worth visiting – a dinner in one of them can be most enjoyable too.

The ancient town of Ainsa

An impressive example of a well preserved medieval walled town – takes us back in time to forgotten cultures.

Cirque de Gavarnie

An amazing horse=shoe shaped valley created through glacier activity. It is recommended to go on foot to the huge waterfall in the center of the valley. From there it is possible to carry on to the Pont d’Espagne where a series of large waterfalls can be observed. It is usual to continue from there by cable-car up to the Lac du Gaube which is in the heart of the Pyrenees’ and then back to the Spanish side. Many travelers in that area go on to the Basque areas.