Corporate event

Option 1: Canyoning / Barranquismo

An outstanding experience outside Barcelona – a day of climbing and rappelling in the canyons of the rivers and in the waterfalls. Highly recommended to those lovers of nature who like to feel the adrenalin flow! It is hard to believe that these sites are at a mere 90 minutes from town! The Pyrenees canyons are ideal for this type of sport, and all the activities are performed with suitable equipment and close guidance of qualified instructors.

We will start with a light meal in order to store some calories; we will prepare all the equipment, and climb up to the starting point, and from there. A unique and exciting experience, with the combination of nature, challenging passages among amazing rocks and waterfalls rappelling, climbing and jumping into the clear water pools. Our expert instructors, the thick diving clothes and the helmets you will have on your heads will bring you safely to the bottom, just in time for lunch.


Option 2: A hot air balloon flight

The group, incentive or corporate balloon flight option offers the opportunity to realize a hot-air balloon ride with as many person as you want. We deal with all the details of the flight, from transportation to gathering the necessary hot-air balloon fleet and professional pilots or any particular details you would ask for to organize a particular balloon ride fitting with your own desires and needs. We can adapt the flying area according to your location and particular needs. It is the perfect option for groups of particulars, associations, incentives’ groups, works council, team building events etc. We can organize the activity for groups up to 100 persons.

Option 3: An off-road jeep safari tour in the Pyrenees and the medieval village of Rupit

An opportunity to get a taste of off-road driving, the Catalan rural culture as well as some good food! Just a short distance from Barcelona, we will discover isolated villages, drive through forests, along roads atop cliffs and also reach places only accessible by 4×4! Before returning to Barcelona we will dine at a typical Catalan restaurant.

  • It is possible to combine a Rappelling/Abseiling activity in this day.


Option 4: A light walking tour in Rupit medieval village

Amazingly preserved medieval villages in the Pyrenees Mountains await you a stone throw from Barcelona. This is a day trip right into the heart of Catalan culture and history, to sites that few tourists come to.
A short drive will bring us to a most charming medieval village which is still inhabited. We will start off with coffee and local pastry, and proceed to walk along the winding cobbled streets, among authentic houses 500 years old and older. Here you will want to take a picture of each and every corner. We will go on to walk along paths among streams, waterfalls and forested valleys.

It is possible to combine a Rappelling/Abseiling activity in this day.


Option 5: Wine and Cava tasting tour and culinary workshop

The Penedes district in Catalonia is known for its beautiful scenery and is world famous for the wineries there, where high quality wine and Cava (Catalan Champagne) is made. A short drive from Barcelona will bring us to the Penedes, and we will see at close quarters the vineyards and be introduced to the various processes for wine-making both past and present.
A professional vintner will escort us on the tour and show us around the private vineyard, the winery and the cellar where very generous tasting of both wine and cava will accompany the explanations.
We have chosen to concentrate on a small boutique winery in order to offer you a direct and personal experience. Finally, upon returning to Barcelona, you can participate in a culinary workshop held by a professional Spanish chef, who will share the small secrets of Spanish and Catalan cuisine with you. You will impress your family and friends back home.

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