LAS FALLAS – Photography Workshop

Las Fallas Tour Details

Kokopeli Adventure has tours and workshops for people of a special breed – photographers; people looking for a different angle, a particular kind of light, a composition, an occurrence. It does not matter whether you are attached to your old analogical camera or else you are the proud owner of a state of the art digital camera – all photographers have this in common: the search for the events, characters and all those ingredients which will combine to create THE picture.

Every year between March 15th and March 19th, Valencia holds a colorful and very special festival, Las Fallas, in which thousands participate, celebrating in a marathon of fireworks, all-night parties, wine drinking and dancing in the streets. Some experiences are an absolute must for every photographer and this is a unique opportunity to get close to the spirit of folklore and capture it.

Preparation for this festival goes on the whole year. The real stars are the giant dolls made of papier-mâché, wood and wax with motives of well-known Spanish and international stars. The dolls are at least 15 meters high and at midnight of March 19th, all them but one are burnt (about 700), and the sight is amazing. The moment of the incineration is the climax of the festival, but it is preceded by many exciting events such as fireworks, dancing in the town squares, processions and musical bands.

Kokopeli will take you on this unique photography workshop – five exciting days with a local English speaking photography guide in a perfect combination of photography and enjoyment. We will enjoy unique opportunities for catching nature and countryside breathtaking views, urban landscapes, fire, night views, fireworks, history and carnival joy through the lenses and make their imprint endurable while enjoying an unforgettable experience.

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