SAN FERMIN – Photography Workshop

An Unforgettable Photography Workshop – From the summit of the Pyrenees to the Pamplona Bull Run!

We will be having an unforgettable photography workshop this coming July (7th 14th July) in the beautiful Spanish Pyrenees, culminating in the San Fermin Festival, better known as the Pamplona Bull Run.

We will be taking photos in the Aiguas Tortes and the Ordesa national parks which are situated high up in the Pyrenees, and we will experience a breathtaking day in the Aňisclo canyon. We will take part/be part of the famous festival where thousands of people run through the narrow streets of Pamplona while enormous bulls chase them. At night we will go out to take pictures of the many merrymakers in the center of the old city.

This will be a week full of most impressive panoramas, picturesque villages, fascinating small towns, people and colors – all in one workshop combining learning and excitement.

For further details, details of the route, explanations or any further question, please contact us.

The Emphasis in this Workshop

This is the fourth year running that this workshop is taking place, and it includes a wide range of possibilities for the photographer: spectacular views, nature reserves and open spaces, but also urban photography and many human angles. The variety of subjects and the long photography hours during which nature and colors are constantly changing make it possible to treat and experience a wide variety of techniques in depth.

The workshop is accompanied by a photography instructor with a great deal of experience in leading photography workshops. With him will be a guide from Kokopeli Experience, a company whose expertise is excursions in the Pyrenees region.

The workshop is characterized by direct and personalinstruction, such as is impossible in regular frontal classes. This instruction, in real and natural lighting and natural surroundings enables the participants to improve their technical abilities considerably, and thus achieve singular photographic successes.

The uniqueness of this workshop is in the continuous involvement in every aspect of photography – day and night, light, different types of scenery, documentation and more. A week focused on observation and technique, with guidance and constant accompaniment cannot even be compared to many months of classroom study.

In order to ensure personal attention and individual guidance, the number of participants will not exceed 14.

The workshop is aimed at all photography lovers. Each participant will return with a great deal of professional knowledge and know-how, to say nothing of the splendid pictures he/she will bring home.

The cost of the workshop is upon request.